Title Shachath, Angel of The Second Coming
Age Unknown (Presumed over 500 million)
Height 5,9
Weight 121lbs
Race Angel, Ophanim
Special Ability Unknown
Allies The Winchester Brothers, and the Holy Vessels
Family All Angelic Choirs
Throne of Justice
"Help will always come from Heaven."
— Shachath

Shachath is a former Ophanim angel and the administrator of gods divine love. He, along with his siblings, meted out divine will and blessings to mortal men. Through his work, he crafted trials designed to compel humanity to continue its struggle and feel no satisfaction at surpassing others. Thereby, coming into alignment with gods will.

He was also the keeper of the Holy Vessels and watched over their incorporeal forms while humanity awaited the results of the apocalypse. When the vessels awakened after the crisis was averted, Shachath descended from heaved to guide the human vessels and protect them from the machinations of his former siblings. Hoping to avoid the second coming by returning the incorporeal forms to the rests of heaven.