Season 9 of Supernatural was announced by the CW Television Network on December 18th, 2012.

Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer who acted as showrunners for the previous Season 8 hold up as the showrunners for the ninth and final season.

This season like seasons seven and eight will comprise of 23 episodes as opposed to the first six seasons which comprised of 22 episodes.

It will air on Tuesday nights at 9pm on CW and is set for airing on October 8th, 2013.

Season Summary

Yo, sam n' Dean is busted out from Heavenz Prison by Dogg n' put that f*** into hidin from tha rest of Heavenz Fallen Angels whoz ass have come under tha control of corrupt angel Leonardo, whoz ass tha Winchestas only know as Di Cap Rio. Meanwhile, Dean n' Castiel git hooked up in Vegas. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Sam begins ta have nightmares bout gettin split endz until one night da thug wakes up ta peep lockz of his afro pinned ta tha ceilin burning. + Everyone you love dies. − − What bigs up is tha emergence of tha ghettoz first hairless demon, Sam, whoz ass plans ta brang bout tha ghettoz New Apocalypse n' turns up ta be tha orchestrator ta renagade angel Leonardo fo' realz. Adam is busted out from tha cage by Sam as tha pimpin' muthafucka be thinkin da thug is ghon be worthy ta help brang on tha apocalypse #2 yo, but Adam leaves n' gets a thang as Deez'nutsland perfomer n' moves up in wit Samandriel n' they adopted son, Kevin, cuz mah playas on dis show is homosexual.

Bobby, Dean, Papa Jizzy n' Castiel attempt ta form a army up in preparation fo' tha forthcomin freshly smoked up apocalypse as Yolanda n' Leonardo summon tha four Elementals, personified as pie [apple, blueberry, cherry, n' gangsta] n' put dem under they control, also succeedin wit tha Four Horseman of tha original gangsta Apocalypse.

Balthazar returns n' opens a night club up in purgatory n' starts plannin his thugged-out battle ta take down Fox TVz award ballin Glee cuz da perved-out muthafucka still upset over tha Klaine break-up. Lucifer becomes tha co-balla of Balthyz night club n' spendz his nights meetin n' dissin playas on Club Penguin. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Later, he mysteriously gets banned from Club Penguin afta unfollowin Mike on Tumblr, which causes apocalypse #3 n' tha show will straight-up never end.

I swear this is legit, this is not a lie

Season Cast


Many Of The Same

Episode List: 2013-2014

Director(s) Airdate #
Achy Breaky Heart Writer: Eric Kripke Director: Robert Singer 16/1/13
  1. 173


Dean n' Sam return ta tha bunker ta recover, wit Castiel showin up all dem minutes later n' shit. In a montage, a week passes wit Dean n' Castiel’s horny-ass tension growin eva stronger, wit Castiel givin up in while Kevin n' Sam is up hustlin. 

But fuck dat shiznit yo, tha word on tha street is dat Dean n' Castiel is caught up in tha act when Sam n' Kevin return home early. They don't give a fuck how tha fuck ta approach tha thang so Sam calls Grandma Yolanda, whoz ass arrives all up in tha bunker fo' a straight-up rap bout Dean’s sexuality.  

A Pirate's Life For Me Writer: Ben Edlund Director: Mike Rohl TBA #174 #825

Durin a Piratez of Da Caribbean LARP Session, actual cannon balls is fired from a pimp ship, severely injurin nuff muthafuckin people. Da Winchestas look tha fuck into it, only ta find no record of any pimp ships or pimp shizzle sightings. Da actual STD gets involved, suspectin tha Winchesters. Both Sam n' Dean git off all up in tha last minute by figurin up dat dat shiznit was just a mad salty oldschool playa all along, rockin fog n' parlor tricks ta create tha illusion of a pimp shizzle while da perved-out muthafucka blasted his cannon balls all up in tha LARPers. Da playa turns up ta be possessed by a thugged-out demon wit a gangbangin' flair fo' tha dramatic.

Watch What You Say Writer: Julie Seige Director: Miranda Cosgrove TBA
  1. 175
  1. 826

Sam successfully hooks up wit three dem hoes durin tha Winchester’s annual trip ta Vegas. None take a thugged-out dirt nap. Castiel n' Dean, becomin suspicious, discover dat a thug witch by tha name of Gabe has fallen deeply up in ludd wit Sam, n' up in a effort ta give his ass a aiiight game, has cast spells on tha dem hoes, makin it so dat they will survive anything. Castiel pleadz wit Gabe ta remove tha spells n' confess his fuckin ludd fo' Sam, which da ruffneck do.  

====Sam is so moved by Gabe’s confession dat he agrees ta dinner, n' up in tha fiery throez of passion, consummates they fadeden marriage yo. Dude awakens tha next dizzle ta find Gabe dead up in tha shower, n' Dean teases his ass bout his now two failed marriages all tha way outta Vegas.====


The Supernatural Hangover Writer: Robert Rodriquez Director: Robert Rodriquez TBA
  1. 175
  1. 827

In an attempt to get back at Dean for his jokes about Sam’s failed marriages, Sam manages to get both Dean and Castiel successfully drunk. He then drives them back to Vegas and has them marry each other. They run into Charlie outside the chapel, sitting on the steps, claiming to be lost. She is carrying a professional camera and gets several pictures of the newlywed couple, who both seem very happy. 

The next morning, Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Charlie, wake up in an empty hotel room with a wad of cash and a baby. As they piece together what happened that night, a danger draws closer. 

Paging Doctor Dean Writer: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loffin Director: James L. Conway TBA #176 828

In a twist turn of events, a spell is placed on Dean that allows him to communicate with animals. This proves to be both a nuisance and a blessing, although Dean insists that they need to look for the witch responsible.

They manage to run into Sam and Amelia’s old dog, who proceeds to bombard Dean with explicit details about Sam and Amelia’s sex life. Dean attempts to kick the dog but is attacked by a murderous pigeon while Sam and Castiel stand by.  

Beware The Beds Writer: Sera Gamble Director: J.J. Abrams TBA #155 806

A routine haunting in a old motel turns bad fast, when Dean awakes to find Sam being swallowed by his bed. Try all they might, Sam is stuck fast, and disappears in a few minutes. Dean frantically searches the entire motel for a trace of Sam, only to find him in the boarded up basement with two other people and a few corpses. Castiel and Dean manage to get everyone out, only to be locked in there themselves when the ghost gets angry. They scare it off by mimicking explicit gay sex. 

Don't Howdy Me Writer: Adam Glass Director: Phil Sgriccia TBA #156 807

Dean, Sam, and Cas stop at an old deserted miner’s town, where Dean enthusiastically re-enacts life in a saloon. When the piano starts playing itself, however, Castiel suggests that the place may be haunted. Dean and Sam brush it off, but when a strange woman by the name of Bethelda begins hitting on Cas, Dean bristles. Sam brings up the grave they had passed earlier with the name Bethelda on it, and they burn the bones, effectively ridding the town of its poltergeist.

Track That Man, Sam Writer: Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder Director: Phil Sgriccia TBA #157 808

In the town of Lincoln, Missouri, mysterious tracks have been reported all over town. Sam investigates, only to end up with no leads. Dean and Castiel are out looking for the monster, with for Castiel to realize too late that what they’re hunting is a Chimera. They manage to kill it with an angel blade, but Dean’s eyebrows suffer a terrible scorching. 

Bip Bop Bam, Sam's A Lamb Writer: Brett Matthews Director: John F. Showalter TBA #158 809

Dean awakes one morning to find a lamb in Sam’s bed. Castiel reassures Dean that yes, that is Sam, and after unsuccessfully looking for a hex bag, Dean attempts to get along with him, but fails as lambs can't talk. Sam's anger gets the best of him and in an attempy for revenge, brings on the second apocalypse.


Worth Half My Time Writer: Ben Edlund Director: Guy Bee TBA #159 810

Dean and Castiel agree that it would be good for the team to take some time off. However, a man is chopped in half by a haunted pair of skis at the ski resort they decided to vacation in. Dean tries to get rid of them by burying the skis in snow, but wakes up the next morning in a tree with them attached to his feet. Castiel saves the day and burns them, and they celebrate by cooking Sam and eating him.

It Happened Once In A Dream Writer: Jackson Stewart Director: David Barrett TBA #160 811

Sam and Dean arrive in a deserted amusement park infested with giant ants, that plead with the Winchesters not to kill them. They say they’ve been murdering and eating men with bald patches and mustaches for seventeen years, and Sam begins to empathize with them. Dean kills them and Sam gets mad, but Castiel tells him it was to prolong the life of God. They spend the rest of the episode eating pie and remembering.

Sam wakes up.

Clean Up In Isle Ghost Writer: Julie Seige Director: Charles Beeson TBA #161 812

Sam, Dean, and Cass investigate a case where everyone who buys meat from Sally’s Family Store, dies. They figure out that it is a ghost killing the people, and in an attempt to bait it, they dress Castiel up as a leg of meat. The bait works, but as they fight the ghost, they realize she is wearing a ‘Meat is Murder’ shirt. A tear is shed from each of them as they kill her, realizing she thought she was doing good, even in death.

Fear Me...Not Writer: Eric Biz Gewirtz Director: Jeff Woolnough TBA #162 813
The Demon Of Fear Ernest who lost his powers during the initial rising of Lucifer steals Garbiel's Horn of Truth and uses it's divine powers to replenish his powers and then takes aim at his last intended victims: two of which being Sam and Dean.
TBA Writer: Brad Buckner & Eugene Ross-Leming Director: Ben Blacker TBA #163 814
Twp down. Two to go as Burt following his killing of the first two demon lords takes aim at the remaining two at the same time Adam dispatches a legion of demons to kill him.
I Love You Like Water Writer: Jeremy Carver Director: Robert Singer TBA #164 815
Ivana comes to Beaver, Oregon where the Elemental Water has arisen and began poisoning the town.
Adam's Apple Writer: Ben Edlund Director: Steve Boyum TBA #165 816
Grand Forks, North Dakota. The residents begin to horribly die due to the consumption of poisoned supernatural fruit.
Fire & Brimstone Writer: Mike Rohl Director: Phil Sgriccia TBA #166 817

Burn Baby Burn. The Elemental Fire begins killing wrongdoers of Caldwell, Idaho.

Sam, Dean, Castiel, Ivana, Campbell and Burt come to stop the fiend which leads to a fiery final battle with the Elemental in the Winchester's family home back in Lawrence.

All In The Family Writer: Nancy Weiner Director: James L. Conway TBA #167 818
A trickster who was a former friend of angel Gabriel's and ex lackey for Adam aligns with a Pagan God and begins wiping out New Hampshire families whose last names so coincidentally match popular cartoon show family names.
The Social Networtk Writer: Brad Kern Director: Sera Gamble TBA #168 819
Sam and Dean infiltrate Adam's Collective and Ivana, Bobby, Castiel, Campbell, Burt and the rest of the Yellow eyes are left to face a Lucifer's thrall controlled Horseman of Death and the reaper Tessa.
The Change-Up Writer: Jeremy Carver Director: Robert Singer TBA #169 820

Carly Shay sitting near here’s laptop Steve Shay talking to Carly: I got five weeks off, we going back to Seattle for Christmas. Back in Seattle Spencer I miss Carly suddenly go to the door is surprise to see Carly and there dad come home from Florence Italy Then Carly say where’s Sam at Spencer says her will be here her was in los Angeles doings babysitting Carly go to the door fought it was Sam and suddenly her was surprise by her mom (Sharon Shay) Sharon shay say how’s it goings Carly say I been living with dad for whiles,i been living with Spencer till I was 19 years old Sam come in say I’m back from los Angeles and say who that’s chicks? Carly say that’s my mom, sam say whoa then Carly say what? Sam say I’m surprise that’s your mother, Carly say I know then Freddie come in say the same thing too and your mom hot he say then Gibby come in too and say that’s your mother and Carly say yep that my mom Gibby say your mom hot and Carly say I know On Christmas day in Seattle They’re open their presents then sing Christmas songs on Christmas Day Then on new year’s day Carly’s mom going back home Lasts weeks of Carly’s dad staying in Seattle we be going back Florence Italy on Friday Carly say it been great to see you guys again Spencer say it been great seeing you I miss you too Carly say I miss you more Spencer say

The Lovely Winchesters Writer: Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble Director: Sera Gamble TBA #170 821

Dean ends up trapped in Purgatory again by Leonardo where he is beset upon by Azazeal and the Leviathans.

Sam, Ivana, Bobby, Campbell and Burt cast a contemporary death spell to allow them access into Purgatory but Castiel receives the premonition one of the group will not return from Limbo.

The Wayward Wind Writer: Sera Gamble Director: Robert Singer TBA #171 822
The Elemental Air, last of the Elementals comes and unner Adam's instruction takes possession of an important Washington minister and begins controlling and killing the other air head politicians.

There'll be peace when yo' ass is done

Writer: Eric Kripke Director: Eric Kripke TBA #172 923

According to all known laws of aviation,

there is no way a bee should be able to fly.

Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground.

The bee, of course, flies anyway

because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.

Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black.

Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little.

Barry! Breakfast is ready!


Hang on a second.


- Barry? - Adam?

- Oan you believe this is happening? - I can't. I'll pick you up.

Looking sharp.

Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those.

Sorry. I'm excited.

Here's the graduate. We're very proud of you, son.

A perfect report card, all B's.