Sean Taylor is a hunter and the son of a hunter and a human. He has one older brother Nate and tends to pick up girls who are Supernatural creatures such as Elaine and Sariameph. He first started hunting whe he was 18 with his friend Kallie,Tyler and Barbara but quit for a while after Kallie died.

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Sean Taylor
Alias: none
Season: ?
Species: Human
First seen: ?
Last seen: ?
Powers: none
Status: Alive


Affiliation: Winchester Family. Kallie,Tyler, and Barbara
Location: Earth
Actor: Max Irons


He grew up with a father who was a hunter and a mother who was not. He was fine with this and when his father could he trained him and his brother Nate.He and Nate occansionally went out on hunts that their father thought they could handle. His friends Kallie,Tyler and Barb also had parents who were hunters so they often hung out together. When they were 18 however they wentoff to hunt. They met many people and things one incluing Sariameph a friend of Sam and Dean.He and Sariameph ecame good friends and he showed her human customs even though she did not understand them. They eventually met Dean who was suppose to help them defeat a demon. With the plan Kallie acted as bait but Dean never showed up and Kallie was killed by the Demon. It was later descovered Dean had been caught by some demons. He nor Tyler held this against Dean but Barb did.He and Tyler eventually met Elaine who was a demon and brought her to Barb so they could kill anoher demon Marion.


Sean was shown to be a very calm and mellow guy who often broke up fights with Elaine and Barb. He was also shown to be a bit of a player often picking up girls and supernatural creatues similar to humans.