Sariameph is a water spirit who protects lake Sariameph. She is over 200 years old and is not a spirit who Hunters hunt. She is almost emtionless,only really and truley caring for her lake but has shown some emotions.

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Alias: Sarah Winchester(under cover), Mephie
Season: ?
Species: Water Spirit or Naiad
First seen: ???
Last seen: ????
Powers: Invulnerability(long as her lake is in contact) Super strength, control of water, able to breath under water
Status: Alive
Occupation: none
Affiliation: Winchester Family. Barbara Mikellen
Location: Earth or Lake Sariameph
Actor: Saoirse Ronan

Meeting the Winchesters

In the small town of Gertu peole began to start to see a young gir with strange colored hair waking around. Dean and Sam went to investigate and found Sariameph. Dean finding her name to complicaed to say called her Mephie.They helped her bring the man who threw a dead hunter in her lake to Justice(this was the reason she was walking around the town.) After this she joined them in huntig the supernatural because she told them they neede her help plus she knew things they didn't.


Sariameph looks like the girl in the photo except her hair is the color of her lake.


Sariameph had a very complicated personality. She much like Castiel did not show much emotion. Castiel even commented that she did not care about anything but protecting her lake, which was partially true. However she did seem to show a little emotion. Such as when she worked with Dean and Sam and when she was fighting a demon with Barbara, she protected them. Also she acted confused when Dean and Sam tried to explain human customs to her.