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Michael Sword
Michael Sword.jpg
Manufacturer God
Use Weapon
Powers Can slay virtually anything including Leviathan and Lucifer
Location/Status Michael
"The mightiest weapon wielded by the mightiest warrior. Pray you are never on the wrong end of that combination."

The blade that is wielded by the Archangel Michael. It is said to be made from the same metal that the Holy Grail is made of. It is about as long as the Angel Swords belonging to the Powers though it has a gold color to it instead of the typical metallic gray. As it can kill virtually anything, including Leviathan and even other archangels like Lucifer and Samael, it is perhaps the most powerful weapon in Heaven though can only show its true and full powers when wielded by Michael himself otherwise it is no different than an average angel blade. The sword is a bright contrast to the sword belonging to his brother Samael. Michael had used it once in the castration of Samael as he was held down by Gabriel.

This sword was left with Raphael before Michael went off to Stull Cemetery to face Lucifer during the Apocalypse. He felt that he wouldn't need it as he could feel Lucifer didn't have his sword and knew he could outclass him in terms of raw power even if he was in an alternate vessel instead of his destined one. After Michael fell in the Cage, Raphael moved to lock and hide it away. When he returned, he tasked Rhea from the Powers to track it down to use it against Samael.

Season 10

When Michael and Samael met again for the first time since Samael's imprisonment, Samael tried to be funny and play at not remembering the last time they saw one another. Michael countered by amusingly pointing out that it was back when he and Gabriel had taken Samael and castrated him using his sword. The story was received with shock by Sam Winchester and Castiel but Dean Winchester was completely amused by the story. When Michael asked how his castration could be undone since his sword's power should've made it permanent, he revealed that he used Sam to heal himself and undo it.

The tension between the two archangels quickly built and Samael brought out his sword and he told Michael that he knew that he hadn't reclaimed his yet. However, Michael assured him that he was ready and willing to fight him without it. Samael then told him that he wasn't going to fight Michael and then left ominously.

Facts and Trivia

The Sword of Michael or 'Michael Sword' was first mentioned when Lucifer was freed from the Cage. It was a reference to Dean being Michael's vessel instead of an actual weapon.