Kallie Nery is a deceased hunter who was Tyler Nery's faternal twin sister. She was killed by a demon on a hunting trip. It was never specified if she went to heaven or hell. There was also no hints as to where she went.

Kallie Nery
Alias: Kal
Season: ?
Species: Human
First seen: ?
Last seen: ?
Powers: none
Status: deceased


Affiliation: Winchester Family. Barbara,Tyler, and Sean
Location: Heaven or hell
Actor: Miley Cyrus


Her mother was hunter and her father is dead. Her mother did not hunt when she was growing up with her brother but when creatures came near she killed them to keep her famiy safe. Kallie's friends were from hunter's family too so whe she was 18 they went off to fights the Supernatural creatures. A few years later she was killed on a mission.


Kallei was described to be a very likeable person. A very optimistic person who always saw he good in people, she often did not like to kill demons who were posseing people,prefering exorsims each time.