"If Michael fails, and the world falls to the Evil light, the son will rise again and bring forth salvation. From five vessels of divine lineage, their souls will converge, combine and bring about the second coming of the lord. "
— Shachath

The Five Holy Vessels also know as the Containers of Christ are five humans with direct lineage to Jesus, who when awakened, will become his new vessel and bring about his second coming.

Created eons ago as a fail safe, in case Micheal were defeated at the Apocalypse, the five predestined humans would awaken and converge at a single point in Jerusalem. Once gathered their souls would merge and Christ would be reborn on Earth. The then reborn Christ would go on to lead the remnants of humanity to salvation and drive Lucifer back to hell. However, his awakening would spell the true end of the world as Earth, and all of the cosmos would be wiped out as all the souls were either taken to heaven or hell.

However, after the Apocalypse was safety averted by the efforts The Winchester Brothers, the vessels began to stir and assumed that heaven had failed. Unknowing that the danger had passed, the divine energy that empowered the souls began acting as they had been "programmed", and started to awaken vessels. However, if the vessels were to awaken in a time of peace their convergence and consequent birth of Christ would destroy the world, when there was no need to.

There are currently only five know vessels, each of which represent one of the Five main Senses of the human body. Each vessel has a particular power and ability to ward off evil or use the power of God.