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Castiel S13
Season(s) 4-14
Species Seraph
Angel (formerly)
Human (formerly)
Status Alive
Occupation Fallen Angel
Member of Team Free Will
Gas Station Clerk (formerly; as a human)
Ruler of Heaven (formerly)
Leviathan Vessel (briefly)
Lucifer's Vessel (formerly)
Commander (formerly)
Affiliation: Host of Heaven
Winchester Family
Bobby Singer
Crowley (on-off)
Lucifer (grudgingly)
Jack (ward)
Naomi (unwillingly; formerly)
Metatron (formerly)
Portrayed by: Misha Collins (Jimmy Novak)
Sydney Imbeau (Claire Novak)
Jessa Danielson (first vessel)

Castiel, often shortened to Cas, is a powerful angel of the Lord, who was responsible for saving Dean Winchester from Hell, on God's command. Since then, Castiel has appointed himself as the Winchesters own personal guardian angel.

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