The Arch series, sometimes known as the Archangel series or just Arch, was a fanfiction series that centers more around the higher members of the Heavenly Host and Sam's connection with a certain Fallen Archangel, as the series goes on you find that destroying the Human Race was not exactly what Lucifer had planned and that there is more than one type of Darkness than the Devil. The Arch series replaces Season 5 of Supernatural.



Heavenly Host


  • Michael - Archangel of Fire and Viceroy of Heaven in God's absence, Michael is the Supreme Commander of the Heavenly Host called a "Archistratege of God" being a military rank of the highest degree that is superior to a field marshal or grand admiral, Michael descends to participate in the Apocalypse not understanding that the game that Lucifer is playing was not part of the original script.
  • Yeshua - A unusual individual that is claimed to be an Archangel and was called Jesus Christ during his time on Earth two millennium ago, it was believed that Yeshua was created through the coupling of Michael and Samael, he has gained the interest of the Anti-Christ: Sorath.
  • Raziel - An Archangel that is interested in knowledge and revolution, his name means the "Knowledge of God" and so he takes an indirect view into everything that happens, despite his intellect Raziel is an excellent warrior.

Demonic Hord

Fallen Archangels:

  • Lucifer - The Devil and the Fallen Archangel overlord of Hell, sometimes referred to as the Prince of Earth and Evil Incarnate, Lucifer came to understand the dark side of human nature very early on and is a viciously judgmental and good looking Angel.
  • Samael - The Archangel of Death and the third strongest of God's creations to the point that he and Michael are considered Gods among their kind, Samael is foretold to one day kill God and allow Michael to inherit God's position and power, Samael represents Death and it was revealed that Michael represents life and creation. Together, they represent the natural order of reality, eventually making God no longer unnecessary due to children surpassing their parents.

Fallen Angels:


  • Lilith (mentioned)
  • Alistair (mentioned)
  • Azazel (mentioned)
  • Meg
  • Ruby
  • Crowley



  • The Arch series reveals the original seven Archangels, as well as the interim Archangels that act in their stead.