Adam The Alpha dragon is the first of his species. He was the first monster created by Eve so he is the strongest and she put most of her power into him.His name is Adam created by Eve to be her groom to rule over all other monsters

Powers and Abilities

Adam is the first dragon so he is stronger than all of his children                                                                                                

  • White Light- He was the first monster ever to have used white light he uses this to generate mass destructive energy that can obliterate large areas
  • Electrokinesis- He can generate and manipulate electricity
  • Pyrokinesis- He can generate fire
  • Flight- He can fly in his natural form
  • Telepathy- He has a connection with all of his children 
  • Connection to the Mother of all- He has a connection with the mother of all Eve.
  • Shapeshifting- He can shapeshift into a human form when he does not want to show his true form
  • Incineration Touch- He can burn anything with touch
  • Super Strength- He is the first of his species and he is the strongest of his kind he even fought Eve when he found out she killed there most powerful son to make a sword dipped in dragons blood.
  • Invulnerability- He can't be killed by regular weapons but only by more powerful creatures and a sword dipped in his own blood